Collaaj is a multi-stream video capture tool that is simple to use, featuring a powerful end viewer experience. Teachers and students can produce their own learning journey, enabled by the ability to record screen/ppt and up to three camera inputs into one single video. Quickly develop blended and flipped learning images on the fly.

Highlight lectures, tutorials, lessons, presentations, trainings, FAQ, articles, Vlogs and so much more.

Our live-encoding technology works in the background to collage your message into one powerful MP4 file that creates an instant video the moment a user hits stop – no waiting or post-processing. Built-in editing features enable trimming, clipping and adding titles and credits making your video ready to share with your classroom or school immediately.

Once completed and shared, the viewers learning experience is deepened by controlling unique PPT text indexing features that extract all the titles, slide text and speaker notes, which allows text search-ability for the end viewer to quickly identify the section of the recording they want to re-play. This embedded approach allows them to manage the actual speed, and overall point-of-view they’d prefer to see, while leaving comments directly on the video for a collective classroom experience.

Collaaj also brings video streaming capabilities to Canvas, Blackboard and other LMS platform users, via a LTI module. Teachers (and even students, if configured) can login to their LMS, to create or watch course videos directly from their platform.

Try our Collaaj App free for 30 days and integrate with Canvas to discover what you can create! collaaj.com

LMS integration highlights include:

1. Seamlessly create or watch multi-stream video capture directly from your platform

2. Presentation, screen and video captures, with editing capabilities

3. Upload/transcoding of non-Collaaj recorded videos

4. Multi-stream video playback with PPT text search-ability

5. Embedding videos from your LMS rich text editor

6. Admin control for easier course set up and management within your LMS platform

Collaaj was Sloan Consortium’s LaunchPad Top 10 Startups in 2014, and selected for EduCause Startup Alley in 2013 & 2014. Collaaj is a partner with Kaltura’s Capture Space and Ensemble Anthem. Collaaj is also a strategic partner with Canvas, and the list continues to grow each year.

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