Teachers vs Technology V2

The ongoing debate of Teachers vs Technology has indefinite credence due to this sustained and hearty rift. Last week, we discussed the over/under on the dispute, landing on a potential solution. Teachers vs Technology, V1 – It begs the argument:

Perhaps the fear of Teachers being replaced by Technology is in vain.

Will there be a harmonious balance? 

And finally, how is it being received overall? 

Technology always manages to reinvent itself, demanding attention when it enters a new space. Inside Higher Ed begs a similar scope on this complex issue. “Why Digital Technology is to Higher Ed what Electricity was to Manufacturing”

It’s likely that an excellent Teacher in 2017 or 2025 will have a much grander scope of technology. In their scholarly bag of tricks, they’ll have more to pull from.  Going beyond lectures and the chalkboard, the educator is seen also as a facilitator, moderator, guide, mentor, expert, connoisseur, and personality in the eye of all students. This modern teacher will incorporate technology in fresh new spaces – literally inventing fresh venture to the destination, as they go.

That said, maybe the rift lies in the hands of teachers themselves. Our friends at eschoolnews agree, discussing the narrative of artificial intelligence and beyond. “Why we need to change the teacher vs. tech narrative”  

Can we trust teachers to make great choices for the future of technology?

Our new sphere arrives with fresh terms for technology and learning, all becoming commonplace.  Flipped Learning – Blended – HigherEd – FutureReady – EdTech, just to name a few. 


As this immediate school year dawns before the nation, we take notice of the sheer command technology has brought to the teacher-classroom-education space. And with great interest, it seems to be obvious that teachers still hold their ground as they always have, over time. The personality of tomorrow’s teacher, will always be paramount.

Mississippi’s Cathedral High School found it’s students incorporating the flipped classroom during a science lab experiment. “New program brings excitement to the classroom” 

Students are encouraged to utilize technology in the classroom for countless skills. Secure Edge Networks name the Top 10 reasons students need tech in the classroomIncluding career preparation, technology integration, collaboration, digital citizenship skills, engagement, opportunities for the future and more, just to name a few…

All of this validates why the issue of Teachers vs Technology continues to enter the conversation – and the classroom. From enterprise, to school funding, socioeconomic factors to “technology rich” schools, no doubt about it, while EdTech surges forward, this multi-faceted presence reaches far and beyond the teacher and the classroom.

“The best teachers will use technology in the classroom as part of an expanding toolkit, and hopefully they’ll see the benefits of smarter technology in the form of reduced clerical work”The Guardian 

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.56.48 AM

The day we see a shiny robot leading the lecture may not be too far off, but for now we’d like to tip our earbuds to the teachers of the world. Technology is our friend, whereas teachers are a best friend. It’s providing an opportunity for teachers to save time doing the tedious, making more time for the important. Actual face time between students and teachers has always been the secret sauce, and this crucial exchange will indefinitely prevail.

Arizona’s ASU is prepping the college-going culture in a rural AZ high school. Julie Young, deputy Vice President and CEO of ASU Prep Digital, makes note:  ‘When Young first became involved with digital education in 1996, access to the internet was via dial-up. Now it’s a critical component to lifelong learning” —  “We believe that for students to be career, college, and life-ready, they need to know how to learn in this environment,” she said. “When they graduate from high school, whether they decide to become a mechanic, a chef, a real estate agent or a Wall Street banker, they will be continuing their education online. It’s a life skill.” — ASUNow

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.42.01 PM

In weeks prior, we discussed how Houston’s devastating hurricane brought additional havoc to the the nation, and specifically the education system at large, only to be hit by two more in Florida and beyond. In some cases, technology could prove useful for students and teachers without school in session. As the areas rebuild, potential remote lesson plans, chat rooms and tech labs may prove helpful. Yet, another way tech can help teachers and students overall.

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Written by Chelsie Foster

Collab w Kati Mac

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