Video Education is Here to Stay. Type Less – Show More

The old adage of “Less is More” couldn’t be more true for this day and age with so much information bombarding us daily. 

Five years ago, a couple of life long friends from India, found themselves residing at prestigious universities in the U.S. where they learned their trade. Years went by before they rekindled their passion for technology, deciding it was time to co-create a new way of communicating.

Collaaj was born in the U.S. in 2012. One of the co-founders circled back to India where he presently manages a team of talented developers and engineers in a growing country, which is being called “the next billion,” who want video.

With the passion and success of both our founders, they saw a common thread starting to boil over with time being the enemy and information being king. They set out on a mission to create a tool that would allow users to Type Less and Show More.

Eating our own dog food = time and money saved


“We wanted to make video creation as easy as document creation. Salespeople are so much more effective if they create a quick demo/tutorial or presentation walkthrough as opposed to writing a document or scheduling a meeting to explain oneself live. As we found out with our own support personnel, eating our own dog food pays off! We found that existing video creation tools required a lot of training, is not that simple to use and usually costly. We wanted to make this process super simple so anyone not so tech savvy could still easily create a video without needing a Phd. We were thrilled to see the education market adopt our technology, an area we were not originally targeting.” said Aditya Kadambi, co-founder/CTO of Collaaj.

The enterprise market was the initial target and is continuing to grow, but we quickly found the educational institutions received massive value in what the Collaaj technology was able to deliver to the classroom… and beyond. Check out last weeks blog about online tools on the rise for education. 

“The Next Billion” want video and voice

This month, headlines like this by the Wall Street Journal state the hard work is paying off. We agree with confidence. 

“The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice”

“The way the journey seems to start today is with social messaging, YouTube and entertainment apps,” not email or social media, said Sandeep Kataria, chief commercial officer at Vodafone India. “Five years ago it was the other way around.”

“In the year through June, use of YouTube in India has more than doubled, while Gmail use fell 15%, according to App Annie. In the U.S., YouTube growth was 48% over the same period, while Gmail use was up 13%.”

Future Proofing the Video Trend

During this Summer break while students, teachers and business colleagues were on vacation… Collaaj has been brewing up a new look and feel while working on some exciting new features to hit the 2017-2018 school year with a skip in our step and an expansion to our simple yet powerful Video Capture tool.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 9.56.51 AM

Quickly Develop Flipped Learning Videos on the Fly

Collaaj is a multi-stream video capture and mirroring tool that is simple to use, featuring a powerful end viewer experience that offers an interactive video player anyone can learn from. Teachers, students and business colleagues can produce their own learning journey, enabled by the ability to record screen or powerpoint and up to three camera inputs along with the ability to mirror a device into one single video. 

Highlight lectures, training, courses, tutorials, lessons, presentations, demos, FAQ, articles, Vlogs and so much more.

Although our technology has been around for five years and used by millions around the world, we are just starting to climb the mountain as we switch back through the changing market. We have some exciting advancements on the horizon we can’t wait to share with the current billion users out there, along with “the next billion” users looking for video as their first option.

Create your first video with our FREE 30 day trial.


Written by Kati Mac and Chelsie Foster

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