Part 3 – How to Survive a $9.2 Billion Cut to the Education Department’s Budget

Last week we exposed the proverbial educational “worm in the apple” in Part 1 of our blog and started to dissect creative ways schools can close the gap.  In Part 2 on how to survive the big budget cuts, we uncovered more. 

In today’s final Blog, Part 3 : We continue to promote innovative ways of how influencers are seeking new funds, while remaining pro-active and establishing collaborative ways to endure the inevitable forecast of the coming years. 

Tech and Corporate Funding

For a totally unexpected and interesting turn in the tech, school and digital forum, we’re seeing major tech giants entering a space of crossover into education, paired with funding.

Mindcraft’s throwing a Block Party and you’re invited!

The city’s mayor and superintendent announced plans Thursday to bring 2,000 children together this September for the “largest kid-safe Minecraft gaming event in the world,” with the aim of raising $50,000 for new technology for the city’s schools.”

“The “Block By Block Party” is being organized by Public Citizens for Children and Youth, a regional advocacy organization. The plan is to ask teachers and principals to submit applications for grants of up to $5,000 apiece for classroom technology and projects, said Donna Cooper, the group’s executive director.”

“The new campaign is expected to be funded in part by corporate donations; Wells Fargo bank and the Goldenburg Group, a nonprofit consultancy, have already signed on.”

Additionally, a clever and creative business called, Education Funding Partners (EFP) “Founded in 2010, was created to be the only nation-wide social enterprise for U.S. public school districts. Our product, EFP adNet, is a digital advertising network that provides a streamlined customer experience for districts and scalable for advertising sponsors, providing a real and sustainable solution to the public education funding crisis.”

Check out this link that shows Companies That Care About Kids and how they are getting involved to close the budget gap.








Foundations Funding Education

It is no surprise to find foundations as a leading champion for the educational budget, facing disparity. These foundational leaders offer a with a reference list linking to more foundations who are making a difference in kids lives, simply by closing the budget gap.

The National Science Foundation is providing the scholarships to help students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The scholarships are targeted at helping underrepresented of disadvantaged students who are the first from their family to attend college.”

While in Mansfield, Ohio, “The Richland County Foundation has awarded $59,671 in Teacher Assistance Program grants for the upcoming school year to 55 local teachers for their creative and innovative supplemental programs not covered by school funding.”

Here is a link showcasing several foundations who support STEM grants such as Kresge Foundation’s which supports innovative digital learning projects such as online teaching and learning.


Is crowdfunding the answer?

“91% of teachers purchase school supplies for their students. Unfortunately, this has become the norm.with 60% of all classroom supplies being purchased by teachers out of their own pockets.”

Here is another great resource Crowd Crux put together for a list of educational crowdfunding options.
Due to our changing political agenda and unforeseen economy, the schools that rise above the unknown terrain and work towards creative solutions will have a higher chance of stability and success. – Type Less – Show More

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 Written by: Kati Mac & Chelsie Foster


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