LMS. A classic school popularity contest, revisited.

LMS. The Learning Management System. This popular collaborative platform is the talk of the virtual campus when it comes to an educational forum.

That said, LMS is recently experiencing a great deal of educational pillow-talk, per se, as well as boasting a compelling, digitally based reputation. Experienced by teachers to corporate staff, this all-league player proves to do more than steal a collegiate kiss under the bleachers at the game of technology. With cheerleaders swaying their pompoms at the sidelines, LMS is earning its letterman jacket with flair.

For instance, this month leads the way for LMS events. Blackboard is hosting their annual event Bbworld the same week Canvas is hosting their infamous InstructureCon where attendees will be put on a mission with this year’s theme called INSTCON0017. They will meet face to face to battle for the trophy of market share starting July 25, 2017. 

So what’s the next Big Shift for LMS?

Words from Phil Hill a leader in the LMS market, Partner at Mindwires Consulting spoke to Bryan Alexander who hosts a free weekly live Future Trends Forum on the state of educational technology and its future.

“Not everything should be about the LMS per-say, and that actually is one of the major trends. A lot of this is, how do you use third party tools or other tools beyond the big LMS. So, they might be the institutional platform of choice, but at the same time we are getting a lot of movement toward using external apps in addition.”


What does this say about the position LMS has on this area of expertise? A lot.

In a world shaped by efficiency, digital technology leads the edge of such simplifications.  We’re seeing third party applications and services compounding the globe, influencing how the market is shaped. The higher education bubble is bursting with opportunity worldwide.

This is where LMS enters the room, and the conversation. Literally and figuratively, LMS is standing in the front of the classroom and education space, commanding attention. Whereas it may not be the class clown, it’s getting the most whispers in the hallway, and everyone is paying attention.


We’ve moved past disruption, folks. LMS is a destination.

Gimme an L-M-S! yes, Yes, YES!!

A quote from a strong voice in our culture: LMS is one of the most impactful types of business tool and is revolutionizing the way people learn as an employee or as a student. With its availability on the cloud, the products and solutions are now cost effective and relevant to wider sections of society, institutions, and organizations. Modern cloud-based LMS are rich in functionalities and have relatively better integration capabilities. At present, with the availability of new vendors and better capabilities, the enterprises and institutions are reviewing their traditional LMS and are likely to switch to the cloud-based LMS. researchandmarkets.com

The tipping point is resting heavily on the LMS, pivoting itself through education onto a quest of countless new markets with global influences, including the military, corporate and more.

Meet the cool kid in school – Collaaj Integrates seamlessly with your LMS platform. 

Think of Collaaj as the kid who talks less and shows more. Like the Homecoming Queen who fell in love with the Smart Geek at the end of the year.

Collaaj is a Video Capturing tool that allows faculty and students to create on the fly videos or try out our Classroom Capture aka Lecture Capture tool. Available in most LMS platforms that are LTI compatible.

Allow Collaaj to show you a new way to collaborate with your LMS platform. Get to know us. We’d love to take you on a date, but happy just showing you the way we integrate. Sound fun? We thought so.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.30.37 AM

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Written by: Chelsie Foster



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