Video Culture 101

We’re highlighting the importance of creating a Video Culture that sets the tone for your company, campus or college. Boost your peer instruction to new heights!

How is your campus humanizing students while accommodating the growing demand for technology like video capturing for learning?

The video capture space is literally booming with change, from format to opportunity, lingo to buzz words, this launch is exponential. Quotes and articles from our peers illustrate just how exciting this frontier is.

A recent study from Wainhouse Research revealed the ability to capture lectures as video for student access is a key success factor in increased retention and graduation.” 

Having a simple yet powerful tool which will record your course, capture your lecture or train your staff is foundational to the future success of your Video Culture.

Is your campus or company looking for this kind of success?

Let’s keep it simple.

Collaaj is a multi-stream video capture tool that is simple to use, featuring a powerful end viewer experience. Quickly produce a personalized learning journey on the fly through your LMS platform or get setup with our Classroom Capture integration with Lecture Capture… The ultimate education tool.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 5.48.59 PM

LMS + Collaaj

Collaaj provides presentation, screen and video capture, as well as video streaming capabilities to Canvas, Blackboard, and other platform users via an LTI module.

What does this mean?

You can create multi-screen captures, enabling PPTs or screen, to be recorded with up to three simultaneous cams.

Yes, Three!

Unique features simplify notes, indexes, video search and seek, instantaneous captures and immediate processing for easy learning. PC and Mac friendly. Built-in editing features enable trimming, clipping and adding titles and credits. Indeed, you can produce your own creation, becoming your own educational star!

Creative vs. Traditional? We provide both.


With Collaaj, highlight lectures, tutorials, lessons, presentations, trainings, FAQ, articles, Vlogs and so much more, creating a new, exciting journey, making collaboration fun!

 Lecture + Capture is an essential part of the school system.

According to “The State of Video in Education,”  86% of educators use video in their classrooms.

“Remarkably, millennials make up 92% of the digital video viewing audience. Abstract topics that once seemed difficult to teach and learn are now more accessible and understandable thanks to the availability of educational videos.” 

Bottom-line, we’re easy to use. Our live-encoding technology works in the background to literally collage your message. Built in features are trimming, clipping, adding titles and credits. No post-processing, or waiting. Just one MP4 file ready to share with your classroom – Immediately. Collaborative learning at its best!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 5.49.44 PM

Those institutions that do not yet have a comprehensive video strategy in place for the new academic year risk being left behind.” (EdTech article)

How to quickly create a Video Culture for an impactful learning journey.

  1. Sign up at 
for a 30-day FREE trial.
  2. Create a course or integrate with your LMS platform.

Collaaj – Type Less – Show More

And from the words of your peers, checkout interesting quotes from respondents from the Kaltura Report. Read on for more quotes that hit home. 

“Video will become an integral part of every course whether they be face-to-face or online.” 

“It’s harder to answer [what educational video will look like in 10 years], because there are many different uses of video. It’s like saying ‘what is the role and impact of paper in education.’ It will become commonplace.” 

“Video is a game changer for many different disciplines, both from a teacher perspective as well as a learner one.” 

Jennie Magiera an ISTE Keynote speaker said last month at the conference to EdSurge – an interesting twist on buzzwords and trends in the blended learning space. 

Blended learning. I feel like everyone talks about blended learning, and no one really knows what it means. I’ve seen the phrase “blended learning” really used for, in my opinion, evil—which is essentially teacher-proofing the classroom. Like, we’re going to create this system where kids are going to sit in their little silos and go through their little teacher playlist and never see another human being all day. They come and look at their arrivals board of “What do I do next?” But, schools should really be teaching kids to be better human beings and to do that they need to interact with their role models, their teachers. I think technology should be humanizing our kids, not dehumanizing them.”

“I think that sometimes blended learning is used in a really beautiful way… but the phrase has become so muddied that I’d love to just get rid of it, really get rid of that pedagogy and really work towards pedagogies that celebrate teachers, celebrate human interaction and use technology as a vehicle—not a human robot replacement, Skynet type of thing.”

Here at we  totally agree with the importance of celebrating human interaction and using technology as a vehicle to capture those moments. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 5.50.11 PM
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By: Chelsie Foster

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