Machine Learning, Humanized.

Deborah Kay, Tech, Code and Edu Twitter buff and Digital Futurist says it best: A Machine Learning algorithm walked into a bar. The bartender asked, “What would you like to drink?” The algorithm replied, “What’s everyone else having?” We are literally teaching machines what we like everyday through our smart devices and computers. As the... Continue Reading →

The Makerspace Movement on a Leading Edge

The popularity of Makerspace is undisputed. Deemed a “movement…” it’s become a staple in classrooms, homes, libraries and think-labs alike. “Challenges” are sweeping schools worldwide, with creative portholes like Pinterest booming with ideas. Makerspace is Like Legos on Adrenaline The “Maker Culture” is ever-present in children's minds and hands. Students everywhere are championing the idea... Continue Reading →

Robot Culture: Part 2

Earlier this week, we discussed the problems facing American teachers and students in today's education system. Today we will discuss potential solutions emergent from tech enterprises, and how the industry helps to alleviate teacher and student stress. TECHNOLOGY MAKES INROADS Deliberation in Washington and on social media has little direct effect on the student-teacher relationship,... Continue Reading →

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