The Makerspace Movement on a Leading Edge

The popularity of Makerspace is undisputed. Deemed a “movement…” it’s become a staple in classrooms, homes, libraries and think-labs alike. “Challenges” are sweeping schools worldwide, with creative portholes like Pinterest booming with ideas. Makerspace is Like Legos on Adrenaline The “Maker Culture” is ever-present in children's minds and hands. Students everywhere are championing the idea... Continue Reading →

Robot Culture: Part 2

Earlier this week, we discussed the problems facing American teachers and students in today's education system. Today we will discuss potential solutions emergent from tech enterprises, and how the industry helps to alleviate teacher and student stress. TECHNOLOGY MAKES INROADS Deliberation in Washington and on social media has little direct effect on the student-teacher relationship,... Continue Reading →

Collaaj EdTech Road-Trip Wrap-Up

Collaaj EdTech Road-Trip Wrap-Up This Fall, we hit the road to pound pavement in the Education world, sharing all things Lecture-Capture for Collaaj – the innovative  Type Less, Show More tool. First stop was CanvasCon at the WPI campus in Worcester, MA (near Boston) aligning with East Coast education greats. Discussions were lead about through... Continue Reading →

STEM – Past, Present, Future.

STEM. What is STEM? Teachers and Educators know… but the vast majority of the public isn’t clear on the intricacies which create our education system at large, in today’s world. As our education collective undergoes massive change, we take time to recognize many different areas of budding education, finding itself welcoming undisputed development.   STEM... Continue Reading →

Is Your Campus Digitally Literate?

Lately it’s common to hear people refer to their electronic devices as “intelligent, smart, or just, “ask Siri," as though our devices carry a  personality all on their own… We’ve become digital citizens in a world usefully dominated by tech -- This fact opening a new tier of conversation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), in whole.... Continue Reading →

WIN a FREE GoPRO with Collaaj

Collaaj is THE leader in Video Capture. Get to know why millions are choosing our application! We’ll be LIVE & Direct at a few in-trade shows this fall starting next month at CanvasCon WPI and soon after in Philly at EDUCAUSE on November 1. Come check out the cool tools schools are using to impact... Continue Reading →

Teachers vs Technology V2

The ongoing debate of Teachers vs Technology has indefinite credence due to this sustained and hearty rift. Last week, we discussed the over/under on the dispute, landing on a potential solution. Teachers vs Technology, V1 - It begs the argument: Perhaps the fear of Teachers being replaced by Technology is in vain. Will there be... Continue Reading →

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